Matchbox Twenty and Goo Goo Dolls


Get to GIO Stadium with CDC Canberra to see the Matchbox Twenty and Goo Goo Dolls concert on Friday 23 February 2024. The concert starts at 7:30 pm.


  1. There’s no ticket cost involved for these buses, It’s FREE. 
  2. Forward timetable is given below. For the return, buses will wait at the stadium, and it will depart from Stadium when the event is finished(around 11.30pm). Buses will go to Gungahlin, Belconnen, Tuggeranong, Woden and Queanbeyan.


15:45 pm6:05 pm
26:00 pm6:20 pm
36:20 pm6:40 pm
26:40 pm7:00 pm
36:55 pm7:15 pm
17:00 pm7:20 pm


Cohen StWestfieldBelcon Pl 1GIOW/C
45:50 pm5:52 pm5:55 pm6:10 pm
56:05 pm6:07 pm6:10 pm6:25 pm
66:35 pm6:37 pm6:40 pm6:55 pm
56:45 pm6:47 pm6:50 pm7:05 pm
46:55 pm6:57 pm7:00 pm7:15 pm
67:10 pm7:12 pm7:15 pm7:30 pm


Tug. Pl 9Wdn. Pl 6City Stop 3002GIOW/C
75:15 pm5:30 pm5:45 pm6:05 pm
85:40 pm5:55 pm6:15 pm
95:30 pm5:45 pm6:00 pm6:20 pm
105:55 pm6:10 pm6:30 pm
116:00 pm6:15 pm6:35 pm
125:50 pm6:05 pm6:20 pm6:40 pm
136:10 pm6:25 pm6:45 pm
146:20 pm6:35 pm6:55 pm
156:10 pm6:25 pm6:40 pm7:00 pm
166:15 pm6:30 pm6:45 pm7:05 pm
18From QBN6:50 pm7:10 pm
176:40 pm6:55 pm7:15 pm
19From QBN7:00 pm7:20 pm


QBN Pl 1City Stop 3002GIOW/C
186:20 pm6:50 pm7:10 pm
196:30 pm7:00 pm7:20 pm