Raiders vs Eels – NRL 2024

Raiders Vs Eels

Get to GIO Stadium with CDC Canberra to see the Raiders play against Eels on Sunday 7 April 2024. The game starts at 6:15 pm.


Gungahlin PL3GIOW/C
13:25 PM3:45 PM
25:00 PM5:20 PM
14:55 PM5:15 PM
25:40 PM6:00 PM
15:35 PM5:55 PM


Cohen St PL1Westfield PL1Belco Int Pl1GIOW/C
33:20 PM3:22 PM3:25 PM3:40 PM
44:45 PM4:47 PM4:50 PM5:05 PM
34:50 PM4:52 PM4:55 PM5:10 PM
45:25 PM5:27 PM5:30 PM5:45 PM
35:30 PM5:32 PM5:35 PM5:50 PM


Tug. Pl 9Wdn. Pl 6City Interchange (Mooseheads Stop)GIOW/C
52:50 PM3:05 PM3:20 PM3:40 PM
65:20 PM5:22 PM5:25 PM5:45 PM
75:17 PM5:20 PM5:40 PM
85:25 PM5:27 PM5:30 PM5:50 PM
13From QBN5:15 PM5:35 PM
95:05 PM5:07 PM5:10 PM5:30 PM
105:02 PM5:05 PM5:25 PM
115:15 PM5:17 PM5:20 PM5:40 PM
124:57 PM5:00 PM5:20 PM


QBN Pl 1City Interchange (Mooseheads Stop)GIOW/C
135:15 PM5:40 PM6:00 PM

The final bus will depart 20 minutes after the fulltime siren.