ACT Brumbies vs Western Force – Super Rugby Pacific 2024

ACT Brumbies Vs Western Force

Get to GIO Stadium with CDC Canberra to see the ACT Brumbies play against Western Force on Saturday 9 March 2024. The game starts at 2:35 pm.


112:40 pm1:00 pm
11:20 pm1:40 pm
12:00 pm2:20 pm


Cohen StWestfieldBelco IntGIOW/C
212:25 pm12:27 pm12:30 pm12:45 pm
21:10 pm1:12 pm1:15 pm1:30 pm
22:00 pm2:02 pm2:05 pm2:20 pm


Tug. Pl 9Wdn. Pl 6City Stop 3002GIOW/C
31:10 pm1:25 pm1:40 pm2:00 pm
41:20 pm1:35 pm1:50 pm2:10 pm
51:30 pm1:45 pm2:00 pm2:20 pm


QBN Pl 1City Stop 3002GIOW/C
61:15 pm1:45 pm2:05 pm


Wdn. Pl 6Dock stop id: 2373 wentworth ave, opp old bus depot market RUC Turner Stop Id 4613 McCaughey st before masson StGIOW/C
SPL BUS 71:30 pm1:47 pm2:03 pm2:15 pm

The final bus will depart 20 minutes after the fulltime siren.